Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Where's the comments

Blogging sucks if no one is looking at it. I can't get ANYONE to join facebook, and that is where I'm linked to this blog. Seems like everybody thinks they don't have the time to do facebook of anything else new, but they have time to call and this is even quicker. Asa and Carlee loved their Karate class, you should see them in their Gis. I have pics on Facebook. They can't wait until Wednesday night's class. They practiced until 10pm last night, showing Danny everything even their warm up exercises. I hope they continue to be this happy with the class, especially since its so close to home.

I'm getting so tired of the same old housework day after day-my husband would say I don't do any. And trying to decide what to cook for supper, agghh. It's the same old crap everyday. I can't get Carlee to try anything different. All she wants is meat and cheese and juice. No veggies. I've tried everything, got any ideas?????

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