Thursday, October 25, 2007

My babies are so funny

Oct 25 2007
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We went to see the new animated movie "The Ten Commandments" (a good movie by the way) tonight. The kids loved it. After the movie we stopped by Burger King for supper, and Asa was talking about his new Spongebob shirt. He was telling about how it looks like two shirts but is really one. As he sat down he said "I wish I had a sweater vest." I said "yeah, and then all you need is a pocket protector." He said, "Timmy Turner says sweater vests are girl magnets!." I couldn't believe it-he is so funny.

Before we left the house Carlee had put on her pink sunglasses. I said "do you need to wear sunglasses and be dressed up for the movies?" and she said "you have to be fashionable if you're going to the movies"

I love my babies.

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