Monday, October 1, 2007

Another hectic Monday

September is finally over, thank goodness. I've got a busy day, already been to the library ($4.50 for overdue Dr. Seuss, give me a break), to the grocery, and the post office. I was going to EVES but apparently they cancelled tonite's game without telling me so they don't need the concession stuff, I'll take it tomorrow. I've still got to take Asa to his first Karate lesson, and Carlee says she wants to do it now too. I hope he'll let her, he says he starts at five years of age, but it would be nice to have them at the same level so I wouldn't have to do as much running. Then come back home, clean, make supper. I have to go to work to get a break. Oh, well, at least Danny's not on strike this time. I went by the picket line and there were only three nurses there, Paula, Rainy, and Melissa. Saw Rhonda D. at the grocery and she said Paula was her only nurse who didn't show for work, about what I expected. Guess we'll see how this strike compares with the one from the spring.

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