Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Wednesday at home

Just another day at the office!!! My wisdom tooth is killing me today, I know I'm going to have to get them all pulled, but I'm not until I can't stand it anymore. I think if an oral surgeon was here last night at 2am I would have had it done non-medicated!!!! I couldn't sleep at all.

We've got karate again today. Carlee seems to like it even more than Asa does. They're both so cute out there, and I'm kind of jealous. I practice with them here and wish I could do it too. I know I could but I'm too shy (or embarassed) to get out there and do it. Maybe after I get a little more used to it I might, but not now.

After we get back we've got to do our homework for little learners. They're so excited about that too. Guess I need to go now and get this messy house cleaned, I don't know why I keep trying, it's never been clean before.

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Lisa said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting Confessions of a Karate Mom - I love getting comments!
You asked how I got up the nerve to start karate, and I will say that it felt very awkward at first. Luckily, though, it's a pretty small school, and I was one of two students in the adult beginner class at the time, and the other student is a good friend of mine. So we sort of felt awkward together. Then, after time, I got over feeling like everyone was staring at me because I realized that they were concentrating on their own stuff.

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