Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat 2007

Well, obviously we went trick or treating last night. The kids loved it. Carlee had a snotty nose, but she still had a good time. They got to see all four of their Grandmas and got a whole bunch of candy!!!!!!! Carlee's Supergirl costume was a hit along with Asa's Knight costume. She liked hers because it was silky (mostly velvet) and Asa just wanted something with a sword. If you look at the pics-Asa made his own shield, he was so proud.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little Learners Oct 30 2007

Little Learners Oct 30 3007 001
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I took the kids to little learners today and they loved it. They got to make a pumpkin and played games. We're getting ready for trick or treat. This is a link to a video of them at little learners

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My babies are so funny

Oct 25 2007
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We went to see the new animated movie "The Ten Commandments" (a good movie by the way) tonight. The kids loved it. After the movie we stopped by Burger King for supper, and Asa was talking about his new Spongebob shirt. He was telling about how it looks like two shirts but is really one. As he sat down he said "I wish I had a sweater vest." I said "yeah, and then all you need is a pocket protector." He said, "Timmy Turner says sweater vests are girl magnets!." I couldn't believe it-he is so funny.

Before we left the house Carlee had put on her pink sunglasses. I said "do you need to wear sunglasses and be dressed up for the movies?" and she said "you have to be fashionable if you're going to the movies"

I love my babies.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Robot Oct 3 2007 010

Robot Oct 3 2007 010
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Isn't it interesting how kids can have more fun out of the boxes toys come in than the boxes themselves (actually-these are boxes for adult diapers-but you get the point). My kids played for days with this homemade robot-just goes to show you money isn't everything.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I don't have to work til Friday-yeah

I'm so glad I don't have to work til Friday. I get so sick of work. Sissy,
Steve, and Danielle came in this weekend-I can't believe how grown up Danielle is-she just turned 13 and it seems like she should only be 5 herself. Carlee and Asa love her so much.

We had karate again today-Mr. Williams said in another week or so they should be able to join the regular group class. I don't know whether that will be better or not. Carlee gets distracted so easily. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Another day with my babies!!!!!!!!!!!

Another day with my babies!!!!! They amaze me everyday with their intelligence, creativity, and simple love for life. This morning they've made a treasure map and decorated the living room like "The Backyardigans" and recreating an episode. They even made vines and hung on the wall. I don't know where they get their creativity and energy, but I truly am blessed with my children. Carlee even says, Mommy I love you but I love God the "moster" because you are supposed to. And when Asa does something he knows he's not supposed to, he says "Sorry God" under his voice. I just love them both SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sorry it's been a while

Sorry its been a while since I posted. I've been soooooooo busy this week. Had to work 13 hrs on Monday (and take the kids to karate), then Tuesday had to take concessions supplies to the grade school, shop for groceries, and then go in and work 4 hrs Tuesday night. Yesterday had to wash clothes and go back to Karate. Today I'm painting the dining room and have a PTO mtg this afternoon at 4:30. I guess it never ends. I have to work again Friday and then CPR training on Saturday. Katie's state band competition is in Louisville on Saturday-but I'm not going to get to go. It's just too far to go to see, call me lazy I guess. I'll try to post daily again, we'll see.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Another wonderful day at work

Here I am again at work-what joy. I miss my babies terribly. I got on today and tried to start up a t-shirt "business" but I don't
really understand how the graphics work. I guess I'll have to try at home.
I'm SSSSOOOOOOOOO glad that I don't have to work tomorrow. I need a good
night's rest. Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Wednesday at home

Just another day at the office!!! My wisdom tooth is killing me today, I know I'm going to have to get them all pulled, but I'm not until I can't stand it anymore. I think if an oral surgeon was here last night at 2am I would have had it done non-medicated!!!! I couldn't sleep at all.

We've got karate again today. Carlee seems to like it even more than Asa does. They're both so cute out there, and I'm kind of jealous. I practice with them here and wish I could do it too. I know I could but I'm too shy (or embarassed) to get out there and do it. Maybe after I get a little more used to it I might, but not now.

After we get back we've got to do our homework for little learners. They're so excited about that too. Guess I need to go now and get this messy house cleaned, I don't know why I keep trying, it's never been clean before.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hey again

Sorry its been a few days since I've posted. We've been busy. Had to work Fri, Sat, and Sun and then yesterday I went looking for hard wood flooring and then we had Karate. I can't decide whether or not to do traditional hardwood or to do the hand carved hardwood. Guess only time will tell, you know I don't make decisions very fast. The kids loved Karate class again. They say they like Mr. Williams the best and he's so patient with them. I think Asa realized that he needs to practice more, and that's good. That's one of our goals for today is to prepare for Wednesday's class. I've got beans that need to be blanched and frozen, so I'll go for now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Good Day

Asa gets his 2nd karate lesson today, and Carlee gets her first. He says he sometimes takes kids that are under five and since Asa is already doing it it will work out great for me. They're so excited. Carlee has been practicing already with Asa and has about learned everything that he learned at the first lesson. CARLEE She is going to do good too I think.

They built a robot last night with their Daddy. They took a big box and cut holes out for the body then used a smaller box for the head. Today, Asa colored the head. He thinks it looks better now. He loves building things.

I'm glad I get to stay home with them. It means so much to me. Asa ate a lunchable today, but Carlee wanted her usual again, chips and cheese. I swear she's going to turn into a block of cheese someday.

That's all for now, talk to you later.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Where's the comments

Blogging sucks if no one is looking at it. I can't get ANYONE to join facebook, and that is where I'm linked to this blog. Seems like everybody thinks they don't have the time to do facebook of anything else new, but they have time to call and this is even quicker. Asa and Carlee loved their Karate class, you should see them in their Gis. I have pics on Facebook. They can't wait until Wednesday night's class. They practiced until 10pm last night, showing Danny everything even their warm up exercises. I hope they continue to be this happy with the class, especially since its so close to home.

I'm getting so tired of the same old housework day after day-my husband would say I don't do any. And trying to decide what to cook for supper, agghh. It's the same old crap everyday. I can't get Carlee to try anything different. All she wants is meat and cheese and juice. No veggies. I've tried everything, got any ideas?????

Monday, October 1, 2007

The kids finally got to go to karate

The kids finally got to go to their Karate class, and they loved it. I'm so glad they did since its so close to home and relatively inexpensive.

Another hectic Monday

September is finally over, thank goodness. I've got a busy day, already been to the library ($4.50 for overdue Dr. Seuss, give me a break), to the grocery, and the post office. I was going to EVES but apparently they cancelled tonite's game without telling me so they don't need the concession stuff, I'll take it tomorrow. I've still got to take Asa to his first Karate lesson, and Carlee says she wants to do it now too. I hope he'll let her, he says he starts at five years of age, but it would be nice to have them at the same level so I wouldn't have to do as much running. Then come back home, clean, make supper. I have to go to work to get a break. Oh, well, at least Danny's not on strike this time. I went by the picket line and there were only three nurses there, Paula, Rainy, and Melissa. Saw Rhonda D. at the grocery and she said Paula was her only nurse who didn't show for work, about what I expected. Guess we'll see how this strike compares with the one from the spring.

Asa's Birthday at Chuck-e-cheese

Asa's Birthday at Granny's

Asa's birthday at Mama Ida's