Saturday, April 26, 2008

First-you determine which gravels you are going to move first

Asa working April 26 2008 001
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Then you fill this wheelbarrow with it so you can move it

Asa working April 26 2008 002
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Then you have to smooth out the gravel you just dug up from 10 feet away!!

Asa working April 26 2008 004
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See, this new gravel is much better than the old gravel was

Asa working April 26 2008 010
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The Thinker

Asa working April 26 2008 030
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Apparently, Asa is having his own little strike against working-must be the union blood in him

Asa working April 26 2008 035
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He thinks he's getting tired at this point

Asa working April 26 2008 040
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Asa is obviously explaining something-he talks with his hands

Asa working April 26 2008 042
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Looks like the boys have abandoned work for the day

Asa working April 26 2008 058
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Why do little boys love to bother cats??

Asa working April 26 2008 059
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Never seen many light sabers on a farm before!!

Asa working April 26 2008 065
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Trying to be a better photographer....

But I'm not..but I got some good pics of the boy helping Daddy work....First-you fill the wheelbarrow with gravel

Asa says you gotta put your back into it.....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Whoever Believes in the SON has eternal life...but whoever rejects him will not see life..."John 3:36

Found this sketch on the
Homegrown Hospitality Blog - I LOVE IT

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My babies think they're artists...

The first one is a picture that Carlee drew...she loves drawing

This next one is Asa's....he says its a rainbow-and that's God under it with his throne!!!

I love my babies!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm so proud.....well kind of!!!!

Sometimes-I find things the kids have done laying around the house that almost makes me want to this note Carlee wroteThen sometimes-I find things I'm not sure what to do this note-not sure yet who wrote this one.....

Somebody has learned how to spell poop-look out world-here they come!!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Big Boy!!!

..learned to tie his own shoes this past week!!!!!

He had been asking everyone to teach him recently, and everyone was teaching him a little different-so I told him to try on his own, and he figured it out!! There is so much about him that is growing up and maturing I can't hardly stand it!!! He's such a polite young man, and so caring and loving-I'm really not worthy!!! He says God sent him to us because he knew we would love him - and he's 100% correct!!!!

He's wanting me to video him while he ties his shoes-and post it on here so everyone can see-and I probably will soon-he's so proud of himself!!!!

Asa's Birthday at Chuck-e-cheese

Asa's Birthday at Granny's

Asa's birthday at Mama Ida's