Sunday, February 10, 2008

The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind..........

.....or at least our shingles are. Last week's storm must have blown some of our shingles loose, and today's windy weather has blown those into the yard, where obviously they don't do much good. Guess we'll have to move the re-shingling project up a year sooner than we had planned, guess that's just how things go. At least we're healthy and happy, and shingles can be replaced.


Carla said...

Yeah, we had a few shingles blow off during that storm too. Craig had to fix them and he HATES getting up on the roof! :)

I've added your blog to my list of blogs to visit, so I'll try to check in periodically. I'll add a link on my blog when I get the time to do that, too!

Doris said...

Austin's basketball goal blew over during the storm. Lucky for me it just missed the neighbors car. Sheww that was close.

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