Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Carlee had her first filling yesterday :(

well......actually she had two. She was such a brave little girl, I was so proud of her. She did better than I do when I go to the dentist, of course we have a great dentist, so that always helps. After it was over, she just hopped up and said, "are we late for karate?" then she went to class and has acted like nothing happened ever since.

They had a great class at Karate!!!!!! They have such great focus, especially for their ages. I wish they had classes three days a week instead of only two, but that's all that is available to us so we'll take what we can. I can't wait until they get another belt, they'll be so excited!!!!!!

Got to go fix breakfast, my big boy just got up. Talk to you soon.........

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