Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another COLD day...

Here we are again, in the middle of Jan......freezing cold. Had the fam down last nite for videos games and dinner.....everyone had a great time, especially with the Wii. It's funny to see grown men boxing imaginary opponents LOL.

We're still working on redecorating the kids rooms. Carlee got the "baby room" while Asa is getting my room and I'm moving to the bedroom no one was using. The house is a mess moving everything around, painting, etc (but then again it always is LOL). The wallpaper in my room was a b.tch to remove because whoever put it up didn't prepare the wall properly. Danny had to work a week on just ONE WALL---but he finally got it Asa just has to pick a color-he's narrowed it down to about 20 LOL....oh, well.

Looking forward to another day of washing clothes and would be nice to just clean everything and that be it...but of course its just a neverending process, then you die LOL. We do have karate this evening, so I will be able to get out of the house for a while, talk to you soon.

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