Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello again..

..no pictures-I'm at work (sshhhh)

We took a small family vacation to the Tennessee mountains last week. The kids had a BLAST. I think they would be happy anywhere as long as there was a swimming pool. Spent two days at an amusement park, where Asa got to be a magician's assistant-he loved it, but kind of got embarassed when the magician made a joke at his expense. He got over it though.

Since we've been home he has been helping his Daddy work on our pasture fencing. He got his first official work related injury-a blister on his thumb (technically from whacking at the weeds with a corn knife-but since he had his work boots on we'll call it work related!!) He thinks he's so grown up-he's even getting a little farmer's tan!! Carlee wants no part of fencing-says its too boyish.

We also bought them their first bicycles-and they're loving them, I don't think they'll need the training wheels very long. Carlee likes riding a little better than Asa I think but I hope that will change.

At karate yesterday-Asa did really good in the "races" they have. When he started he'd always been 3rd or 4th, but now he's usually 2nd (sometimes tied for 1st). I'm so proud of how much stronger and faster he's become. The class has helped him in so many ways. Its helped Carlee too, but she was always lean & fast, and never really had a problem with self esteem LOL. Anyways, no regrets on karate classes.

I'll try to post some pictures soon, til then have a great week.

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Kira McKee said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! Your Asa sounds a lot like my Haydn. I've been thinking of putting him in karate to help with confidence and keeping him fit, and hearing how much you guys love it makes me want to do it even more.

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